The concept of farm to table is much more than a trend.

Today, consumers care about where their food is coming from and won’t accept harmful contaminants and toxins that could be a threat to their health. This trend not only applies to what we eat as consumers but what our animals eat as well.

In 2011, the U.S. government even shifted its focus from responding to contamination to preventing contaminations, as President Obama signed the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA):

• Requires comprehensive, prevention-based controls across the food supply
• Specifies how often the FDA should inspect food producers
• Requires verification that foreign suppliers have adequate preventive controls in place
• Allows the FDA to enforce mandatory recall authority for all food products
• Aims to improve the training of state, local, territorial and tribal food safety officials

This commitment to safety throughout the food cycle is nothing new, however. In 2004, the American Feed Industry Association established the voluntary, independently certified Safe Feed/Safe Food program . This comprehensive program establishes standards of excellence that go beyond existing regulations to maximize food and feed safety. Now more than ever, mills must be certified to avoid recalls and penalties that result in financial loss.

Sprout Solutions is the answer. Our software products, CommodiTrade and Milling Station, offer you the protection you need, improving the efficiency of day-to-day milling operations while managing the production and distribution of safe animal feed. Our customers have seen improvements in agility, efficiency and profitability with lower risks and recall exposure, and they have achieved Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification through their partnership with Sprout Solutions.

Sprout Solutions was designed to help mills and merchandisers not only survive the changes of the agriculture industry, but to thrive in it.

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