How to Survive the Ag Industry’s Holiday Hangover

Agriculture combine harvester

Are you feeling it? The holiday hangover that left a warpath of stress and anxiety? The gift-shopping, dessert-baking, party-hosting, nut-cracking craziness of December is enough to make most people want to hide alone in a dark corner until winter has officially thawed and spring has officially sprung. We all feel it. Now, add the increasing stress, anxiety and overall demand … Read More

The Reality of Recall Planning

Sometimes, the best introduction is to get straight to the point. Now more than ever, consumers are interested in the safety of their food supply, and they’re showing a growing concern when it comes to the ingredients farmers and ranchers feed their livestock.  In recent years, several high-profile recalls have shined a spotlight on the feed industry and for good … Read More

Sprout Solutions featured in Thinking Bigger: Helping Commodity Traders and Feed Mills Harvest the Power of Data

Sprout Solutions’ software enhances full suite of agribusiness operations Company // Sprout Solutions Entrepreneurs // Gretchen Henry and Jim Taylor What They Do // Sprout Solutions has created two platforms for ag-based clients. CommodiTrade helps traders manage logistics, storage, analytics and other factors so they can reduce risk and better leverage their assets. Milling Station enables feed mills to view and trace ingredients in their inventory, track … Read More

Millennials are the future of the ag industry

The reality is that Millennials are the new face of agriculture; in fact, the industry is expected to grow by 70 percent over the next 10 years, and during that time 80 percent of working Baby Boomers will exit the workforce. I began working in agriculture eight years ago, and more times than I can count, I’ve been the only … Read More


Ever had an omelette, or drank a glass of milk, and wondered how the cow that made your food got fed? Well, thanks to the over 6,000 feed mills in the US, you don’t have to. These mills, some of which have been around for centuries, keep livestock and other animals raised for husbandry well fed across the country. But … Read More

Preparing for the future of feed

I’ve long been a fan and a supporter of the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA); they’re committed to representing the total feed industry and uniting one leadership voice on matters of federal and state legislation and regulation. I regularly look to the AFIA for the latest developments and appreciate their ability to keep a constant pulse on the ag industry. … Read More

Sprout Solutions Named 2017 Top 10 Under the Radar Startup in KC

For the agricultural industry, employees aren’t tied to a computer or in an office — they’re out in a field, said Gretchen Henry, co-founder of Sprout Solutions. This underscores the importance of mobile tools, she added. Formerly a service of ConsultUS, Sprout Solutions provides web-based tools and systems for the animal feed industry. Whether for a manufacturer or a feed mill operator, the firm … Read More

FDA Pushes FSMA Compliance Inspections Dates to Fall 2018

The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) commends the Food and Drug Administration for announcing today that it has effectively delayed inspections for animal food facilities to be in compliance with some parts of the animal food rule within the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) until fall 2018. Dr. Steve Solomon, director of the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine, told an … Read More

The Veterinary Feed Directive is here. Are you prepared?

What began in 2015 and was implemented in January of 2017 gave time for feed mills and producers to adjust to the new regulations of the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD). However, the new regulation continues to cause confusion and has become a pain point for those affected across the country. Even though feed mills, veterinarians and animal producers saw it … Read More