Moving Feed Forward

Our Milling Station product allows you to easily view ingredients in your inventory, keep track of sales and purchases, manage scheduling, maintain accounting and offer analytics. Plus, stay ahead of pending regulations and reduce your recall risk with the ability to track your product to the specific lot and ingredient. Milling Station is moving feed forward.

Feature Highlights

As an enterprise resource planning system, you can manage the pulse of your business through integrated applications. Sort and filter supplier and customer results to follow commodity pricing and freight cost trends and discover the most profitable components of your operation.

Milling Station Core Features:

  • Mill Production and Scheduling
  • Inventory Control – Market Costs
  • Version-controlled Formulations
  • Feed Sales Order Processing
  • Single Mode Merchandising & Mill
  • Invoice Generation
  • Lot Traceability
  • Feed Delivery Scheduling
  • Mill Margin driven Price Calculations
  • Safe Feed/Safe Food Recordkeeping
  • VFD Support

Milling Station Add-Ons:

  • Resale Order Processing
  • Sales Forecasting and CRM
  • Brill Formulation Integration
  • WEM Integration
  • Supply Chain with Inventory Controls
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • DMS Integration
  • Extending Email Notification
  • Map Route Optimization

Enterprise Edition

  • Milling Station + CommodiTrade


  • Access to Mill Ops

    Authorized subscribers have access links to multiple mill operations

  • Milling Insights

    Complete viewing capability of mills that operate together or independently

VFD Support

  • VFD Agreements

    Create and store VFD agreements between customer and veterinarian for controlled ingredients and feed

  • Record Keeping

    Manages record keeping requirements and provides controls to prevent distribution of any VFD controlled substance

  • Lot Traceability

    Complete lot traceability from supplier, production and customer distribution

Product Management

  • Manufacturing to Delivery

    Expedite process by automatically generating bill of lading and batching documentation

  • Optimize Daily Processing

    Notify milling operations on manufacturing requirements and recipe usage

  • Route Optimization

    Flexible deliveries, including delivery and driving directions for convenience


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