Gretchen Henry


The Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Sprout Solutions, Gretchen Henry earned her degree in mathematics and computer science, and has a diverse technical background that encompasses an integration of technologies across multiple platforms, including mainframe, client-server and Web-enabled solutions. As a federal contractor for the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, she was able to identify opportunities for effective automation and business process improvements, then design and develop an efficient and scalable solution to meet technical needs and accommodate growth potential.

With more than 20 years of expertise in technology, Gretchen also has a passion for the agriculture industry and understands its challenges. For the USDA, Gretchen designed and developed a program helping dairy farmers use options to hedge their milk production. This was the beginning of connecting the principles of her financial background with the agricultural world. She also grew up in a farming community in Missouri, and her family is in the business, growing corn, soybeans, wheat and cotton. Because her family sold these crops to the feed mills, Gretchen understands the impact of changes to family farms and is committed to helping them adapt to the challenges the mill industry is experiencing.

Jim Taylor


Jim Taylor is the Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Sprout Solutions, bringing more than 25 years of technology and software expertise to the company. He joined the team to find a systems solution to manage the business requirements for a feed mill’s complex agribusiness operations.

Prior to Sprout Solutions, Jim was a solutions architect navigating contract requirements for the USDA and Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB). He led a team to develop and support record-keeping systems managing the budget, procurement and investment functions for the Thrift Savings Plan. The systems architecture included database design and advancing FRTIB into its first Web technologies. These software solutions continue to manage more than $400 billion dollars in government retirement assets.

Casey Chasteen


Casey Chasteen is the Business Development Director at Sprout Solutions. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business from the University of Central Missouri and joined the team to help jumpstart business sales and development initiatives for Sprout Solution’s two proprietary software solutions, CommodiTrade and Milling Station.

Previously, Casey worked as an International and Domestic Marketing Specialist at the Missouri Department of Agriculture creating opportunities for success for Missouri’s farmers and agribusiness as well as promoting business and community development activities in domestic and international markets.

Casey has completed her Preventative Controls for Animal Food training and is certified by FSMA. This valuable certification helps our team stay ahead of FSMA compliance regulations and to better prepare our commodity trader and feed mill partners.

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